New Instagram AR Ads Allows Users To Try Before They Buy!

Have you ever seen a pair of glasses or a makeup look on Instagram and thought “ooh I wonder what that’d look like on me?”. Now you won’t have to wonder any more! Instagram has developed futuristic technology that uses AR to allow users to “try on” products in ads they see before they buy.

AR and eCommerce

The update is aimed to help Instagram move into the eCommerce sector as it increases its ad options to brands. The new update uses tech functionality to create “try on” ads with selected brands. Thus, allowing you to actively engage with products in a virtual space.

Mashable explained: “Beginning today, a handful of brands that sell their products directly on Instagram will be able to add a new augmented reality try-on feature to product pages.”

These new AR tools will only be available on selected ads from brand partners. Once you’ve tried the ad out users can also post the results to their stories. Thus, encouraging engagement and spreading the word!

This is a very interesting update for Instagram. Especially, as this could create great, viral ad campaigns. We think the update shows the power of advertising and virtual reality as eCommerce options continue to increase for brands. Are you excited about this new update? Let us know and join in the conversation on social media!