Why Your Brand Needs To Be Using Pinterest

February 27, 2019

With over 50% of people making a purchase based on a Pinterest pin, this alternative and less considered platform could be a great marketing asset for your brand.

If you are part of a lifestyle, hospitality or renovation business then this platform is a great addition to your digital marketing strategy.

So, here are our reasons as to why it may be time to start considering this growing site for your business.


1. Browsers into Buyers

Pinterest allows an image to connect directly to a selling platform, meaning that it is even easier to see a direct correlation between pins and sales. The site is very unique in its ability to convert a browsing public into a buying customer.

Think of Pinterest as a kind of Google for lifestyle images. Customers who haven’t previously considered your brand have the ability to find your images on Pinterest and directly buy from you. So, why not give this effective platform a go?


2. Traffic

Pinterest is more effective than any other social media in driving traffic back to a linked website. As a major goal for most businesses, this means the site can’t be ignored in your digital marketing strategy.

If your content is engaging with detailed captions, one pin can cause a direct sale on your website as well as increasing brand awareness to new audiences at the same time!


3. Pins improve your SEO

As we know, the more interesting links back to your website, the better your SEO will be. Thus, the higher up you will be for search engine results. Pinterest is great for SEO as, every pin includes a link back to the image source, your website.

Image search could have the potential of bringing more and more visitors to your site!


4. Pinterest Users Like to Engage

Engagement on Pinterest has always been very high. Pins have the ability to be shared thousands of times by users. This is great news for your brand. This is because your products are more likely to be seen and clicked on. Solely via the sharing culture that Pinterest promotes.

These pins can also be shared across platforms meaning that your Facebook, Twitter and website will be promoted via a simple pin.


5. Pinterest allows you to Understand your Audience

With Pinterest, you can immediately see what’s trending. Follow other businesses and individuals to understand more about what your ideal customer wants to see. Then, respond with similar pins. Use similar pins to understand your pricing or to develop intriguing offers for your own products.Pinterest


If you’re interested in seeing how your brand’s digital footprint could be improved via the use of social media then get in touch with our team here for a chat.

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