We’re Digital Jersey Members!

This week we’re celebrating our new status as Digital Jersey Members!

Joining Digital Jersey (DJ) is just another step in our digital transformation. Here at Image Matters, we are committed to aiding local businesses’ digital presence, via the use of social media, web design and SEO management.

Digital Jersey is a government-backed economic development agency and industry associate who are dedicated to the growth of the digital sector on the island. As a Digital Jersey member, we are excited to join them in developing a prominent digital presence on the island as well as promoting the island as the world-leading base for creative innovation.

As a member of Digital Jersey, we have secured our place in the local business community. Much like DJ, we are passionate about developing local talent and improving the digital landscape on the island.


As part of our digital transformation, we have also increased our digital services and expertise.


We also offer a range of services in the digital sector including;


– Social Media developmentinstagram1 Image Matters We're Digital Jersey Members!

– SEO monitoring

– Digital Marketing Management

– Web Design

– Branding

As a digital marketing agency, we also understand the importance of print. Because of this, we work closely with our clients, and Digital Jersey, to develop both a digital and print strategy. Because of this we still offer services relating to;

– Merchandising

– Design & Print

– Public Relations

– Business Event and Branding

We’re proud to be a part of the diverse and collaborative digital community on the island and can’t wait to share our ideas with other tech professionals.

Find out more about the great work that Digital Jersey does here. Or, if you need help managing the digital presence of your brand, then get in touch with us at Image Matters.

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