Three Reasons You Should Host A Webinar

June 21, 2019


When it comes to creating a marketing strategy that engages and entertains it is important to ensure that you vary your content. So, why not provide your customers with information, as well as introducing your brand to new customers by hosting a webinar?

Here’s why you should consider the format as part of your next big marketing event.

1. You Become An Industry Authority

Hosting a webinar and showing your audience what your business can do can hold your brand up as an industry leader. Webinars allow you to showcase your expertise, abilities, talented team and industry knowledge. Thus, customers shopping around can easily see why they would choose you over your competitors.

With this illustration of knowledge, you can build stronger, trust-based relationships with prospective clients. A much better connection than a 30-second tv commercial or page long print article can create. A webinar allows you to show off the best members of your team. And as we know people connect with people, not businesses.

2. Webinars Build Brand Awareness

Good quality webinars are a great way of illustrating what your brand can do. Instead of telling customers how you can help them, show them via webinars. With little added overheads involved webinars are an incredibly cost-effective way to promote your business to new customers.

Continue to build this awareness by recording your webinars and repurposing them. Edit the content down into bite-size chunks and relay these on social media. Or create branded infographics from stills captured from the video. These are manageable pieces of content that are easily shareable. Thus, one webinar has the ability to become several pieces of content that continue to build your brand.

3. They Help you Understand Your Audience

Interactive webinars allow you to meet your current and potential customers and see what questions they have about your brand. With this better understanding of the demographic your attracting not only can you best understand how to help them, but you can also look at why you’re not attracting other demographics.

Webinars aren’t just a place to introduce your brand and products, but are also a great way for you to be introduced to your audience. Ensure that you make the most of further marketing efforts by getting webinar attendees to input their email and place of work. This way, you have a means of contacting them and sending them personalised emails after the seminar.


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