5 Reasons To Use Infographics

June 14, 2019


Want to reach more people? You need to start using infographics!

According to a recent study, most internet users admitted that they see too much text online. So, could infographics be a way of avoiding mass text and engaging a new audience?

Here are three reasons why you should start creating infographics and distributing them on social media.


1 They’re sharable

Did you know that infographics are 3x more likely to get engagement on social media?

Infographics have the potential to make your brand go viral. Share interesting facts and shock statistics in branded templates to engage your audience. Then, share these on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, where users can share them and make your brand go viral!


2 They Make You A Credible Source

Did you know that infographics give a 65% increase in brand recognition?

If your infographics have a well designed and clearly branded template people are more likely to take your content seriously as an information source. Increase your brand recognition by using brand colours and fonts and include a web address so they can easily contact you.


3 They Get More Engagement

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners?

Presenting your brand and information in a visual format means it’s more likely to be remembered by potential customers. Create eye-catching infographics that are sure to grab attention so your reader remembers you for longer.


4 They Make An Impact

Did you know that it takes just five seconds to make an impression?

You want to instantly make a good impression. So, use carefully designed infographics to do this. Hook your visitors before they’ve even had a chance to look through your profile with stand out infographics.


5 They Aid Business Growth

Did you know that 84% of people say infographics are effective?

Using infographics can boost your brand’s online presence. They can grow your business by bringing in more customers and traffic to your site. Create a better, more engaging social media presence via this simple technique.


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