Proofreading Tips For Content Creation

March 8, 2019

This month we’re focusing on the importance of creating good quality content in a marketing campaign in order to improve your brands SEO and ROI. The most popular, and arguably effective, form of content is still blogging, but with written content open to spelling mistakes and grammatical errors sometimes a badly written post can turn more people away than it attracts to your website. So here are our top tips when it comes to proofreading any new content created for your brand!


1. Take A Break

Walk away from the content for at least 30 minutes and come back to see your writing with fresh eyes. This break will mean you can easily spot mistakes and typos and ensure that your work reads clearly.


2. Read Out Loud

It may be embarrassing to start reading aloud in your busy office but this can really help. You’ll be able to spot typos and see if the words flow nicely in spoken form.

Better yet, get your colleagues involved and see if they can notice any errors in your work.


3. Print It Out

Sometimes reading off a screen, it is harder to proofread your written content. So print it out! Our eyes prefer hard copy work so use this print out to thoroughly check spelling and grammar. However, this print out may also show the colours differently. Does the design work for print as well as on the web?


4. Don’t Fall for Common Mistakes

Check the following common grammar mistakes such as;

a) Semicolons – use them correctly to connect two related sentences or for use in a list that uses lots of internal punctuation.

b) You’re – Check you’ve got the correct spelling of You are. Same goes for too/to, their/there/they’re and than/then!

c) Use an active voice – Instead of writing in a passive voice create compelling content with an active voice


Now you should be able to proofread your work efficiently, avoiding any common mistakes that would put off your reader. Confidently upload your content and see an improvement in your SEO and ROI!

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