Our Guide To Using Instagram Stickers

February 20, 2019

Instagram has announced that over 500 million people use their stories feature every day. So, if your brand isn’t using this feature then you’re missing out on a huge interactive audience and potential customers.

But, how do you effectively market a brand on Instagram stories?

Here is our quick guide to  Instagram Stickers and which ones you should use for your different brands and social media aims



Hashtag Instagram Stickers are a great way to group branded content, threading together a campaign. Use these to add consistency to different product releases or particular campaigns and encourage your audience to use them too, to build up a hype around specific releases.


Location Instagram Stickers

Location stickers allow you to tag where you are in the world. This may not seem very important for a brand to include, however they can be very useful. If your follower clicks the sticker they may find other content posted by people in the area that inspires them to visit. This is great if your business is a hotel or restaurant, as user-generated content may be the final push someone needs to persuade them to visit the area and your business.



These stickers allow you to tag other accounts in your story and, once clicked, take you to the tagged user. Use these when appropriate as tagging others increases the likelihood your post will be shared with their followers, expanding the reach of your message. However, don’t overuse this tag.



GIFs stickers are an effective way to add personality to your stories and brand. This fun and whimsical side needn’t interfere with your feed so experiment with GIFs to entertain your audience. However, try not to overuse them. Use appropriate GIFs that suit your brand that you know your audience will enjoy.


Music Instagram Stickers

Music stickers add previews of tracks to your story, ensuring that your one post is a multimedia experience.

Create a scene for your followers, and illustrate your brand’s key personality through music stickers. The best part is the library contains free music, with no rights issues!



Want to add interactivity to your brand then poll stickers are the best way to do this. Pose a question to your followers to learn more about your potential customers. This simple form of interaction creates a feeling of a brand who cares about their customers and their opinions.



For even more detailed interactivity prompt your followers with a question with a sticker question box. This will give you an insight into your followers and their interests, allowing you to target your marketing efforts to this audience. Get guests in your industry or part of your team to answer interactive Q&As to show off your talented crew.



Build momentum and interest for a product launch or event with countdown stickers. Even better, interested followers can subscribe to the countdown to receive notifications when the time is up. This is a great way to show off upcoming launches and give followers access to the latest releases.


Emoji Slider

This opinion sticker is also a great way to do market research on your ideal audience. Ask followers how they feel about products. Try to add products or images you know will work and then when they receive lots of love this will in-turn encourage followers who haven’t seen the product previously to check it out.


Shoppable Tags

The final sticker is the one that will really help you see an ROI on Instagram sticker marketing. Add a link to allow followers to quickly buy products directly via the story. Followers will appreciate the ease of buying products and this will reflect in direct product sales. However, be careful not to overuse the sticker, as Instagram stories are not just an alternative shop front. Followers will appreciate intermittent reminders of how to buy new products, but keep the tags minimal and limited for special new stock.


So, although all of the above stickers may not be appropriate for your brand, we suggest experimenting with a few on your stories to see which suit your brand’s voice and aims.

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