Influencer Marketing Dos and Don’ts

April 15, 2019

When it comes to influencer marketing there are some unwritten rules that your brand must consider to ensure the campaign is as successful as possible.

Here are our top dos and don’ts to make sure that your influencer campaign is a success.

Don’t dip your toes into influencer marketing without a clear plan

Instead, work within your team to establish specific targets before beginning. This way you can establish how to go about the campaign, what content to create, and how to work out whether the campaign itself was actually a success.

Do Take time to research your ideal influencer

As well as this, continue vetting Influencers to ensure they fit your brand. Many brands focus on securing the Influencers with the most followers or those that fit briefly into a category they want to target. This can lead to mismatched and inauthentic campaigns that don’t suit your brand and put potential customers off.


Don’t micro-manage the influencer

This will restrict their creativity and cause rushed work that isn’t effective. Your influencer is the best person to understand what their audience wants to see from them. Therefore, if they aren’t keen on creating forced advert style videos or posts, give them creative freedom. They may find their followers like to see the product being used in their daily life instead. Whatever they prefer, work with your influencer to ensure it is on-brand for the both of you. This way their brand, as well as yours, won’t be compromised and their audience will trust their genuine opinions.


Do familiarize the influencer with your product

Too many times we’ve seen influencers promote a product that they don’t fully understand or believe in. Audiences can see this and won’t buy from a brand that creates inauthentic campaigns. Instead, give your influencer products to use and learn about themselves. Also, ensure that they create good content by fairly compensating them. If you only offer freebies or don’t pay your influencers, your brand reputation may be damaged. This could lead to other influencers refusing to work with you. Additionally, your current influencer’s work may be rushed, and not as effective as it could be.


Overall, Influencer marketing takes careful consideration and planning to effectively execute. Develop your own workforce to help your influencer create the most effective content that best represents your product and brand. 

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