How to Use Storytelling in Marketing and PR

March 22, 2019

Content marketing is often about providing a useful resource for your customers, however, it can also be emotional and thought-provoking.

Storytelling is a unique content marketing format as it allows you to build a relationship with your customer. Thus, establishing an emotional connection that builds brand loyalty.

So, how do you use storytelling in your marketing campaign?


1. Create stories that solidify abstract concepts

The benefit of using storytelling in your marketing campaign is that you can take abstract and complex concepts and explain them in a more romantic way. Thus, your product or service also becomes romanticised and more appealing to potential customers.


2. Write Storytelling Campaigns That Unite Rather Than Divide

Stories have a unique ability to bring different groups of people together. Thus, using storytelling in your marketing can also bring your audience closer to your brand. Stories are a great way of humanising your brand as a positive force of inclusion. Therefore create campaigns that are universal and stories that unite your customers under one common brand.



3. Inspire and Motivate With Your Stories

If you want to elevate your brand create a storytelling campaign that inspires your audience and motivates them to be better human beings. Tap into people’s emotions by exploring the key people in your company or telling the story as to why your brand was created. This not only humanizes your brand but allows you to motivate your audience and inspire them, which is what they’d look for in a brand.


Using these aspects will create a more three-dimensional approach to your brand. Aim for all content to be entertaining, educational, universal, organised and memorable so your stories stand out and establish an emotional connection with your audience.


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