How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Sales

April 18, 2019


When Stories was first introduced to Instagram brands faced a big hurdle, sharing external links back to their site or product with their followers. However, with Instagram’s development the app has realised that it has a huge benefit for marketers. It has the opportunity to become a second “mini”, e-commerce site for users.

Instagram introduced a “swipe up” feature, allowing brands to link URL to a story and adding a “see more” option. This allows users to swipe up to see more of the story, visit the site and buy the products directly.

This “swipe up” option has revolutionised the retail scene. It allows users to buy products quickly, easily and without even leaving their favourite social media app.

Is your Brand using Instagram as Effectively As It Could?

If you’re a brand and you’re not using Instagram stories to promote and sell products then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

The key, however, is to not turn Instagram into an e-commerce site immediately. Post links to new pieces, but also keep your audiences entertained with a mixture of content as well.

Mix Up Your Content With Instagram Stories

So, what can you post on your Instagram stories to not only drive sales but keep customers engaged in your brand?

The most popular content for brands, following a recent study by klear, is;

  • Product Promotion (36%)
  • An Inside Look / Behind the Scenes (22%)
  • Live Event (10%)
  • How-To (5%)
  • Fan Contests (4%)
  • Contests (2%)
  • Other (7%)

From the results, you can see that brands and users still know that Instagram is a place for product promotion, however, if all your content is sales your audience will soon become disinterested.


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