How to Reach Out To Influencers

April 17, 2019

If, after all our advice, you think your brand is ready to start using Influencers, then here’s how you can get started. Follow these simple steps to get in contact with influencers you know will be able to represent your brand well.

1. Make Yourself Visible

Once you have carefully researched and explored your potential influencer it’s time to make yourself visible to the influencers themselves. Subscribe to their blog, follow them on social media and like some of their posts. Don’t put them off by liking all their posts though! If you think one of their posts is particularly well written then share it and tag them in the reposting you do.

Comment on influencer’s posts and how your genuine interest in their articles and social media posts. Try not to spam them as this will come across as fake and desperate. However, showing them you appreciate their work will always be well received if done professionally.


2. Reach Out to Influencers

Once you’ve proved that you like the influencer’s work, and hopefully they recognise your name you can reach out to them. Send a professional and polite email introducing yourself. Refer to their current work and tell them why you were interested in working with them. Check their site beforehand for any contact guidelines to ensure you are communicating with them through their preferred platform.


3. Build On Your Relationship with Influencers

Now you’ve properly introduced yourself and your intentions build on your relationship to make it stronger. Keep an eye out for the influencer’s posts, sharing and liking their content. If possible talk to them face to face or via skype to fully introduce your brand and your ideas fo any campaigns.

Ensure that when it comes to potential campaigns you have selected a clear budget with the influencer and you both are happy with the contract. This will, therefore, ensure that all work is created to the highest standard and your brand doesn’t become known as an underpayer amongst the close-knit influencer community.


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