How To Promote Your Next Event on Facebook

May 31, 2019

Have you got a summer event coming up? Whether it’s a brand-building exercise or part of a corporate campaign you need to start to promote the event on social media. Here are our top tips for ensuring event success via Facebook marketing.


1. Create An Event

You may be creating content and writing posts about the day, but have you actually created a facebook event specifically to promote it? If not, create one. Invite friends of the page and encourage them to share it.

Once people say they’re interested in an event Facebook will remind them and show them more of your page. Thus, they won’t forget the event, or your brand as easily!

2. Optimise The Event

Now you have an event scheduled on Facebook make sure that the event page is fully optimised to ensure it is widely shown on the site.

Choose a cover photo that’s 1920 x 1080 pixels that effectively promote the event. Ensure that this photo is eye-catching and shareable so it gathers the most attention possible.

Also ensure that your event name is short, sweet and memorable. According to Facebook events with longer names tend to perform worse on the platform. This is probably due to the fact that 54% of users only use Facebook on a mobile device. So, either they can’t see the full name or it is squished on their device.

Finally, add enough data and information to show Facebook this is a fully-fledged event! Include dates, times, locations, an about section and tag any other businesses that will be in attendance.

3. Create Content And Promote Previous Event Videos

Ensure that you keep posting online to build up an audience for your event. Remind your audience of the event by posting a countdown clock or releasing new acts every week on social media.

Also, take any video or images from previous events and repurpose it to remind your users of upcoming events. This will give your audience a taste of what could happen at your event and a teaser of what’s to come for them.

4. Promote Your Posts

Finally, remember to put some ad spend behind event posts. Start off by boosting the event itself to local audiences, maybe with specifically targeted interests. Then move onto your content, or create a long-running video ad for the event. Boost this content to ensure you are reaching new audiences and getting them excited about the upcoming event.


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