How To Overcome The Challenges Of Video Marketing

August 2, 2019

Although we talk a lot about how great video is it can be very challenging to produce high-quality video. Here are some of the challenges you may face when creating a video marketing campaign and how you can overcome them;



1. Cost


The price can be a challenge when creating a video marketing campaign. The equipment, editing software and data cost can e astronomical if you’re doing it yourself.

Our advice is to outsource. If you’re only looking to create video once or twice a year outsource to avoid the challenge. There’s no point buying equipment that will only be used once!



2. Expertise


If your video isn’t high-quality it can reflect very poorly on your brand. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges brands faces when creating a video is actually creating a good video. We suggest training one of your team-up. give them help to use editing software. Or, start out by just filming on your phone. There are apps to create unique if small, bite-size videos for social media all on your phone. Then, when you’re ready to come and talk to us to find out more about creating high-quality brand awareness videos!



3. Strategy


Perhaps the biggest obstacle brands face when it comes to video marketing is actually deciding what video they’re going to create and then implementing this in their marketing campaign. Many businesses approach us with questions such as “how do you build an effective video marketing strategy?”. Other people find it a challenge to think about what their audience actually want to see.

Our advice is to firstly create an aim for your campaign. Is this going to increase sales of a particular product or just build brand awareness? Once you have this you have the framework of your video. Research and see what your competitors are doing. If no one else in your industry is doing video then look outside of your video for themes such as “how-to” or “top-tip” video formats.

Once you have this sit down with your team and fully plan out your content and distribution strategy to create an effective video marketing campaign.

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