How to Improve Your Local SEO

May 10, 2019

Yesterday we looked at how important local SEO is for your brand. So here are our top tips and tactics to immediately improve your SEO in simple ways…


1. Be More Mobile Optimised

When a customer is looking for a local business they tend to be on the move. This mean, more often than not they are on their mobile. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, these customers won’t be recommended your site by Google. Even worse, if they do manage to stumble on your site somehow, they won’t be able to read your page effectively on mobile. Therefore, if you’re not mobile optimised they will quickly turn to a competitor who is and can help them fulfil their purchase in less time.


2. Use Local Keywords

Help get yourself found by people in your area through the use of keywords. Talk about landmarks near you and mention your physical address, where possible. Create content that focuses on the local area, that way Google will be more likely to recommend your brand to locals as they know it is near, thanks to the keywords you are using.


3. Set Up Local Landing Pages

If you are part of a nation-wide (or world-wide brand) remind Google and your customers that you also have smaller franchises and branches near them. Establish landing pages for all shops/offices to ensure that you can be found by those that need you most.


4.  Submit NAP Citations

NAP (name, address, phone number) citations are one of the top five “near me” ranking factors according to Moz. Ensure all the data about you online is correct and submit this to all directories close to you. The more links back to your localised landing pages the better your local SEO will be.

5. Creat Local Blog Content

As well as writing blogs and creating content that focuses on local subjects also guest write content for other local blogs. Maybe there’s a nearby directory or institution that you could write a guest post on using your businesses expertise? If so this will increase your local SEO and remind local readers on other posts that you’re nearby if they need. The more defined content on different sites, the more likely you will be in the top Google search results.

If you need help improving your digital presence then get in touch with our team for a no obligations chat through how we can best help get your brand to the people who need you. Call us on 01534 280888 or send us a message via the Messenger form in the right-hand corner of our website.


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