How to Find the Perfect Micro Influencer

April 24, 2019

Your next social media superstar may be right under your nose, already following and engaging with your brand! So, are you looking for micro-influencers in the right place?

When it comes to Micro-Influencers these can often be harder to find and use than bigger accounts. However, as we previously discussed, these smaller influencers could create better engagement and drive faster sales than bigger influencers. So, here’s our quick guide on how to find your next viral marketing, professional, micro-influencer!

1. Use Your Fans

The perfect micro influencer is often one that is already familiar with and already love your brand. Keep an eye on the fans who are sharing your content and getting involved with your brand. These followers will be easier to find and convince to become a part of your brand team than influencers who have previously never heard of you.

2. Research Hashtag

What type of hashtags are popular in your industry and are any micro-influencers using them already? Search these terms to find influencers who are already posting content that relates to your industry. Ensure that the hashtags you search are specific and not generic.

3. Local Bloggers

Research bloggers, vloggers and content creators that are local to your business. Do some of these micro-influencers already have an interest in your industry? Or do they have a good following that you see as your target audience? Get in touch and arrange to meet face-to-face to see whether you both make a good fit for an influencer partnership.

Once you’ve found a micro-influencer you click with start creating effective campaigns with them. Micro-influencers are a great option for all businesses as their audience, although small, are very committed and trust their influencer to recommend only products they know they’d be interested in.


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