How To Analyse Your Summer Marketing Campaign

June 7, 2019

Last summer you probably dreamt up an amazing marketing strategy. But how do you know it worked. And, how do you analyse your campaign to ensure that this summer’s strategy is even better?

Here are our top tips:

1. Did You Meet Your Objectives?

This may seem like a really simple first step, but it is the most important! Before you started your campaign you should have set at least one quantifiable goal. For example, increase sales of a product by 10%. So, analyse whether you achieved these goals and how shy were you of the target if not?

2. How Creative Was The Campaign?

Look at how many different mediums you used and see if they were varied enough. For example, you did a Facebook campaign. But did you create video, images, GIFs and blog posts? Could you vary the creative content you make for your next campaign in order to gain more traction?

3. Which Channel Performed Best?

Which social media channel got the most traction, received the most click-throughs and messages? If Facebook did really well last year put more money and ad spend behind it this year to see if you can do even better. If a channel you thought would fail actually succeeded, do you need to start making more content for this platform?

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