How do you Create a Content Strategy?

March 6, 2019

cotenIn yesterday’s blog post we introduced you to what a content strategy is, questions to consider before creating a strategy and why it is integral in ensuring organic reach and SEO.

In this post, we’re going to tell you exactly how to develop a content marketing strategy from start to finish. Whatever stage your brand is at a good content strategy ensures consistent content that is in keeping with your brand.


So, where do you start when creating a content strategy?


1. Set a Content goal

Similar to creating a digital marketing plan you must first consider what your aim is with content creation. This could be similar to the goal with your digital marketing plan. Maybe you want to increase brand awareness or see a solid ROI with direct sales or leads. Whatever your goal it is important to establish this at the beginning of your strategy so that all content created helps achieve this goal.


2. Research your audience

For your content plan to be successful you must know your audience. Target your content at this group so that they’ll want to read or listen to what you’re suggesting and use your services or buy your product.


3. Audit Your Current Content Strategy

Do you already have a blog that isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be? If you’ve already been creating content consider why it’s not working before making the same mistakes. Is your content posting consistent, relevant and does it always link back to your product or site? If you find that the format of your content isn’t reaching your desired audience then consider experimenting with other channels and formats. maybe you can turn our current blog posts into an e-book? Or establish a podcast based on your blog topics?

Also, ensure that your previous goals are still relevant. Maybe you’ve already achieved them or your audience has changed? Amend your goals based on the content audit.


4. Develop some ideas

Nothing’s worse than developing a plan that meets all your aims than coming to create content and not knowing what to write.

Discuss with all members of the team some content themes for each month. keep in mind events or seasonal offers that may be useful to market.

Ensure that you answer commonly googled questions or address interesting topics in your industry that will set you apart from the competition and develop a strong audience base for your brand.


5. Determine what Types of Content you’ll Create

Consider your content budget and time restraints and develop a list of formats your content could be presented in. This could include;

– Blogs

– Ebooks

– Case Studies

– Templates

– Infographics

– Videos

– Podcasts

– Social Media


Once you’ve developed a strategy that is in keeping with your digital marketing plan and brand guidelines you’re ready to start creating content that will improve your SEO and encourage customer engagement.

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