How Power Influencers Could Help Your Brand

April 4, 2019

In this series, we’ve been looking at the different tiers of Influencer that a person can fall into. The final, top tier is Power. Although you’d imagine that this is the ideal tier for any brand to collaborate with, this isn’t necessarily true…



The final tier is power influencer. These are the celebs of the digital space and are experts in their chosen fields. An influencer has a follower range of 300,000 to multi-millions, which is great for a brand that wants to have a wide reach, however not one that wants to build personable, intimate relationships with their audience and, hopefully, future clients. Power influencers are content-creators, reality TV heroes and villains and vloggers who are instantly recognisable to their audience. So, apart from the obvious, why work with them?


1. Authoritative

They have authority on their subject on a wider scale than micro or macro influencers and are respected by their community. Work with these influencers to gain legitimacy and a good return on your investment.





2. Hype

Evidently, they create hype around a subject or brand. Your brand will instantly be in front of a million eyes and is guaranteed likes and retweets almost immediately. However, be prepared to spend big as the industry standard is around $100 per 10k followers!




3. Brand awareness

These influencers start a conversation. However, they don’t always deliver an ROI. Awareness is a given as immediately your brand will be in front of their very large and diverse audience. But a diverse audience doesn’t necessarily mean a niche and quality one. Driving product sales are not the aims of these types of influencer.




So choose your influencer type based on your own brand. Make sure it’s a good fit and that the influencer’s audience will be receptive to your company, otherwise influencer marketing may not be such a wise investment.

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