3 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

April 26, 2019

When it comes to influencer marketing many brands are eager to get started, however, they don’t periodically review or question their strategies to ensure that they’re effective.

Here are our top three signs you need to rethink your influencer marketing strategy…


1. Influencers Aren’t Transparent

Many brands think that influencer marketing is all about fooling the customer into thinking the influencer recommended the product or service just because they love it so much. This kind of marketing would be great, however, because influencers understand the marketing capabilities they very rarely actually do this. Rather, audiences are aware that brands are paying influencers to promote a product, so transparency over this agreement is key.

Ensure your influencers are clearly showing that they’re working with brands and being paid to do so via #ad or tagged influencer partnerships. If they don’t do this and audiences find out that they are being paid this can ruin your brand along with the influencer’s reputation.

Your business could get in trouble legally over not ensuring that your influencer was being transparent. Furthermore, audiences learn to distrust your brand as a result of unclear campaigns.


2. You’re Only Using Photos

72% of consumers prefer videos over text when they want to learn about new products. Therefore, the budget for video influencer marketing rather than just Instagram photos.

If you’re not seeing a good ROI from influencer marketing this could be the reason why. Often, audiences don’t bother reading lengthy captions that include all the things the brand wants the influencer to mention. However, videos can capture attention, where photos fail.

Consider working with influencers that offer Instagram Live advertising or have a YouTube channel where you can show off your products or services.


3. You’re Not Measuring Your Influencer Marketing ROI

Establishing whether a campaign worked is integral to deciding how you develop your marketing strategy in the future. Therefore, ensure that with all campaigns you can answer the following questions;

  • What are you measuring? (e.g like, click-throughs or sales)
  • Has your influencer achieved any of your aims? (e.g has their post led to direct sales? Or, is there a significant spike in your web traffic that correlates with the influencer’s posting?)
  • What do the analytics say? (Has your SEO increased, any new followers?)

If you’re noticing no changes or only face-value improvements like increased likes or more comments then maybe it’s time to change your strategy. Differently, analytics will also show you when you’re doing something right, which you can tell your influencer you want to do more of.


We hope these tips help you determine if your campaigns are working, or they even question you to review your strategies. Remember a good digital audit is essential in determining successes and failure and formulating an ongoing, better digital marketing strategy.

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