3 Google Business Updates Your Brand Can’t Afford To Miss

May 13, 2019

When it comes to your website and online presence Google Business profiles can ensure that you stand out from your competitors and get the customers you need.

Here are some recent Google business updates that, if your business follows, will improve your SEO and build your digital profile.


1. “Sports Watchers Welcome”

Google has now added the ability for your company to promote the fact that you have TVs/sports games playing at your venue. If you’re a pub, bar or cafe you can now update your website on Google to add this option. This means that when someone is googling the latest game or looking for local pubs Google will prioritise your business over your competitors, improving your SEO.


2. Add Email to Your Google Business

Google now allows you to add your manager’s and staff emails. This allows your email address to be seen immediately in your Google My Businesses profile. This way, even without clicking on the website your potential customer can contact you directly, leading to more secured leads.

However, only do this if you’re prepared to open a floodgate of emails and get the obvious one-off spam emails.

3. Analyse Google Business Search Results

You will now be able to see what people are searching for that lead them to your Google My Business. These keywords can then help you understand your own online content and adjust your blog posts, social media and website content so that you are getting your site in front of the correct people. This is the easiest way to increase your SEO with keywords you know work.


Once you’ve optimised your Google profile you will increase your SEO and ensure that your brand is directly in front of the people that need to see you.


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