Inbound Marketing 101

Screenshot 2021 07 12 at 15.02.20 Image Matters Inbound Marketing 101

What is it? Coined in 2006 by HubSpot, inbound marketing refers to the methodology used in marketing designed to pull visitors and customers towards a business, as appose to outbound marketing which pushes a brand, product or service out into the market with the goal of generated leads and customers. The Process In digital marketing, […]


I love to travel, be outdoors as often as possible and like to get any work done as soon as it comes in,  so the concept and reality of remote work makes perfect sense to me. Many people thrive working remotely, whether thats from home or on the road and are motivated by the freedom […]

6 video creating apps – alternatives to TikTok

TikTok was never for everyone but following its ban in multiple locations, the demand for video creating apps is surging. Fortunately, there are some apps moving into position to claim the title of the next best app – even Instagram has released Reels, its alternative to TikTok. Here are 6 more alternatives gaining popularity: BYTE […]

5 emerging social media trends to watch out for

There are many exciting innovations to look forward to in social media as technology speeds up to adapt to users’ needs.  All you need to do is know what to focus on and how to take advantage of features that can result in measurable and relevant business. Take a look at the following social media […]