Build Your Brand: Professional Notebooks

March 25, 2019

Although a digital presence is very important for increasing brand awareness, SEO and digital traffic back to your website, traditional marketing still has its place in the current climate.


Have you tried building your brand via printed notebooks?

At Image Matters, we offer a range of merchandised products, but our favourite has to be our moleskin notebooks.

Why not create a stationery pack to had out to potential clients who will be both appreciative of a free notebook (who isn’t!) as well as a way to ensure your name is always on their mind?


So, what are the benefits of branded notebooks?

Branded office supplies are a great way to market your brand to both new and existing customers. Instead of investing money in TV or radio ads you can target your advertising to reach specific groups of people, who receive and use your notebooks. Therefore, this is a much more efficient form of targeted marketing.

These branded notebooks also act as tools to help your clients remember you at the exact moment they need you. Products like notebooks and pens work better than business cards as they have a use, so your clients will tend to keep the merchandise and thus your logo and contact details stay with them for longer.

Furthermore, when looking for a service your clients want to be able to find you as easily as possible. When booking a restaurant for a client meeting they will probably go to the last one they visited or the first they find via Google. Your branded products on their desk tend to sway them to choose your services as you are right there in front of them!


Let Us Help You Create Professionally Branded Products!

A mixture of well-produced merchandise and an airtight marketing strategy can ensure the success of any brand.

From prices starting from £3.00 per notebook (not including artwork), these are an efficient way to promote your brand via a traditional medium! So whatever your budget or minimum quantities, get in touch, as we’re happy to help.

Get in touch here for more information on how we can help you produce your own branded products!


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